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Isella Salon Spa’s facial treatments are tailored to meet your individual goals, targeting specific concerns to restore optimum skin health. Our highly trained skin therapists will choose products and techniques which are best suited for you!

Facial Treatments

Isella Customized Facial

60 minutes $85

This facial is perfect for those with little or no specific skin concerns and just want to maintain healthy skin. After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of products, techniques and design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty.

Gentlemen's Facial

60 minutes $85

Our new and improved Gentlemen's facial will help combat common issues men have due to daily shaving, facial hair or lack of skin care routine. This treatment uses high frequency to treat acne, minimizing inflamed pores, diminishing the development of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing the condition of beards, cultivating hair follicles for improved hair growth and much needed hydration (especially to the skin under facial hair) -includes face, neck, shoulder massage and mask.

Ultrasonic Facial

60 minutes $85

​This non-abrasive treatment is highly effective, yet gentle to even the most sensitive skin. Ultrasonic vibrations at 28,000 times per second exfoliate dead skin cells while stimulating skin tissue and promoting collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production as well as minimizing lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Ultrasound makes product penetration possible and more effective. The ultrasound frequency opens minute pathways to allow the product to penetrate deeply into your skin, for better, more long-lasting results.

Aveda Stress Fix Facial

60 minutes $90

This amazing service begins with a Stress Fix foot bath, releasing the aromas of French lavender, lavendin, and clary sage. The clinically proven stress relieving blend will be infused throughout your treatment. Your facial will include a deep purifying cleanse, exfoliation appropriate for you skins specific needs, neck and shoulder massage, facial acupressure, stress reducing foot reflexology massage and finish with an aromatic masque.

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Specialized Facial Treatments

NEW! Microneedling by MDPen


Micro-needling allows for controlled induction of the skins self-repair mechanism by creating micro injuries in the skin to trigger new collagen synthesis, while not posing the risk of permanent scarring. The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. Skin needling treatments are performed in a safe and precise manner with sterile needles with no downtime. Sun avoidance is not required after treatment, however sun protection is always recommended.

Innovative and effective, micro needling activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.  MicroNeedling is used for skin revitalization and can be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Many skin concerns, including those listed below, can be addressed with micro needling treatments.  You Master Esthetician or Practitioner will help you decide how to use micro needling in your skin care plan.

  • Uneven complexion (Sun damage/freckling)

  • Texture Improvement (Acne scars)

  • Dull skin

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Skin Laxity

Radiance Peel


Skin brightening power of 30% lactic acid with active melanin inhibitors not only lighten existing sun damage but help prevent further sun damage from surfacing. Provides excellent exfoliating action while moisturizing, healing, and protecting the skin with no downtime and minimal discomfort. This peel is one of the best treatments for hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Rosacea peel

60 minutes $95

This powerful antioxidant treatment of 30% Lactic combined with the exfoliation benefits of gentle enzymes,  cater to individuals who suffer from Rosacea or Rosacea like symptoms. 

Acne Clear Peel

60 minutes $95

This combination peel of 15% glycolic  and 15% Lactic is a great anti-inflammatory and for mild to moderate acne. Helping to reduce wrinkles, loosen congestion and prevent further congestion from forming. 

Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment

60 minutes $85

Experience the benefit of skin resurfacing and renewal with this 40% glycolic acid treatment to lighten the appearance of pigmentation, control acne, soften and smooth skin, increase hydration and diminish the signs of aging. For enhanced results, a series of six sessions is recommended. Especially great for aging skin conditions and acne.

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**Add-on services not available for online booking. Please call and speak to our reservationists when adding-on any of the following services.

Collagen Infusion Treatment


Hyaluronic Neck Treatment


Hyaluronic Eye Treatment


Hand Dermaplaning


Restorative eye and lip therapy


*Refresh and renew your eyes and lips with an Ayurveda-inspired treatment to help skin boost its natural collagen production, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip area.

Stress relieving foot reflexology massage


The combination of massage and pressure points can help you beat stress by opening the flow of energy throughout our bodies, allow for healing and maintaining a healthy physical, mental and energetic body.

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Bio-Ultimate Platinum Microcurrent facials

Ultimate Collagen Infusion Facial


Want to look your best for a special evening out or just because you deserve it? This is the ultimate collagen infusion facial.  Begin with a deep pore cleanse, followed by ultrasonic to thoroughly exfoliate the top layer of dead skin.  A collagen serum and mask will then be infused utilizing microcurrent to further penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to plump, soften fine lines & hydrate, creating a lifted, firmer, more radiant skin.


60 minutes $150

The perfect facial to have right before a wedding, special event or reunion. This facial uses micro current technology to re-educate the facial muscles, helping to lift and firm relaxed muscles with zero discomfort. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin within the skin achieving a firmer revitalized appearance with increased hydration. During a course of treatments, your collagen can be increased by up to 18% and elastin up to 38%. Results can be seen after the first treatment however a course of treatments is recommended for long lasting results.

Prepay for 5, Receive the 6th on US!

Series of 6 $600

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Rezenerate Facial

60 minutes $125

This treatment can drastically reduces fine lines and create immediate plumpness and/or help in the reduction of sun damage and discoloration with a concentrated serum chosen specifically for your concerns. The ReZenerate painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin referred to as cosmetic micro needling with out the associated pain of medical micro needling.

MicroZen Facial

60 minutes $150

Micro current technology re educates the facial muscles, helping to lift and firm relaxed

muscles with zero discomfort. Immediately following up with ReZenerate and all its

amazing benefits. See description above.

DermaZen Facial

60 minutes $150

Combine the powers of dermaplaning and ReZenerate to create a dramatic result. Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and vellous hair revealing newer, younger skin. The ReZenerate painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin, leading the an immediate plumpness. This combination is a fabulous choice for someone who wants a truly corrective treatment without the downtime.


30 Minutes $65

​This unique approach removes dead skin cells and vellous hair revealing newer, younger skin. Dermaplaning also stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells, while helping your skin to breathe easier. Treatments are gentle with no downtime. 

Dermaplane PLUS


This unique approach removes dead skin cells and vellous hair that can cause a dull complexion,  which will reveal a newer, younger skin.  Dermaplaning also stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells, while helping your skin to breathe easier. Your make up application will look flawless! In addition to facial dermaplaning, the hands will be treated to dermaplaning to reveal softer, smoother, healthier looking hands. A special cool soothing jellymask provides extra full hydration and instant cool and soothing effects all at once. Treatments are gentle with no downtime but extremely effective in just one session.

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