Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Massage will help prepare for an easier delivery by increasing her kinesthetic awareness.
☺ Massage stimulates glandular secretions which help stabilize hormone levels.
☺ Massage to the legs can help control varicose veins, and the draining effect of massage facilitates the reduction of edema.
☺ Massage increases general circulation which increases blood to the body including the placenta.
☺ Red blood cells lining the vessel walls are reintroduced into circulation, which can help eliminate fatigue and anemia.
☺ The lymphatic system circulates faster and more efficiently, resulting in more energy and less fatigue.
☺ Massage can greatly reduce the strain of muscles on the lower back, pelvic, shoulder and pectoral girdle.
☺ Massage can sedate the nervous system, promoting rest and relaxation and by increasing the release of endorphins.
☺ Promotes positive self image
☺ Decreases postural stress
☺ Increases breathing capacity
☺ Increases muscle tone and flexibility
☺ Massage to the abdomen after delivery will help the uterus to clamp down and stop blood flow; also massage to the abdomen 6-10 weeks after a C-Section can help to break up and realign scar tissue at the site of incision.