At Isella, we indulge our guests with more than just a hair service; we provide a unique ritual. All hair experiences include an Aveda stress relieving scalp treatment followed by Aveda’s signature shampoo and conditioner. All hair color services will include an Aveda stress relieving hand massage. * If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your hair service please contact us no later than one week after your initial service so we can address any concerns effectively and efficiently.


Add On $20

NEW Pramasana

The foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp.  Scalp care goes beyond cleansing; it involves balancing sebum levels, preserving the scalp’s natural protective barrier and helping protect it from pollution and other free radicals. To begin your service, an exfoliating brush will be gently used on the scalp to loosen build up and impurities. Next a purifying scalp cleanser will be used to deeply but gently purify and cleanse the scalp followed with a nourishing scalp masque to promote detoxification. For the final step, a protective scalp concentrate will be applied to balance, preserve and protect the scalp at the root of the hair. Add on to hair cut service only.

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